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Come learn more with me! From courses on how to build your own tea blends, to information on Chakras and meditation, I look forward to sharing the knowledge I have to help people learn how to heal themselves. Whether you are a parent or not, experienced or not, my courses are built to help people understand what is available within them and around them to easily care for and comfort themselves on every level: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


See some of my FREE courses below and get a taste of what it is you can learn with me!

Learn with Cierra

Tea & Herb Courses
Allow me to share my passion for the Earth with you through my tea and herb courses. 
This FREE three-part course gives a few basics about healing herbs used in herbal tea blends. Interested in creating your own tea blends to heal your body? This course is a great place to begin to give yourself a general understanding of what herbs can be used in healing blends. Over a series of short presentations allow me to share with you some things I am passionate about when it comes to using herbs for healing.
Healing Herbal Teas

Part I in a Three-part Series on Healing Herbal Teas.

Part I - healing herbal teas

In part one, we talk about the style of herbs I use to make my teas and where I get them. We also talk about how to properly store & brew tea to get the most from them.

Part II - Healing Herbal Teas

Part II - healing hebal teas

In part two, we look at common herbs found in pre-made blends and what they do for the body. I also let you in on details about three of my favorite herbs to use for blends.

Part III - Healing Herbal Teas

Part III - healing herbal teas

In part three, we talk about three common maladies and how to heal them using herbs*. We also go over the difference between teas and infusions because I believe it is important to draw a line between the two.

Give yourself permission to let go and let me guide you through meditations to help you connect with your inner self.

More Coming Soon!

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