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Intuitive Poetry Workshop 12/10/18

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Join me on December 10th at 6:30pm

for a night of meditation and poetry writing. I will guide you to follow the words within you so you can produce a mini-poem series of your own

Reserve your spot here: Intuitive Poetry Workshop


Are you a writer? Or maybe you want to be but are not sure how to begin? I can help!

On December 10th come join me and let me guide you through a short series of meditations to tap into your deep intuitive and wise creative centers in order to write a mini-poem collection. I will offer my guidance and support to help you build a series you can either share with the world or keep with your self.

Writing is a way to release thoughts within you, the deep-seated ones that may not have order, or the ones that repeat themselves over again. These words created in our minds are not to be diminished or cast aside as many are formed by the wise person inside us. There are methods to tap into that wisdom and use these words in a poetic fashion in order to either mask their meaning or focus their definition. Through tapping into your intuitive self, you can express a vast range of emotions and scenes by means of poetry.

What do I mean by that?

By use of literary tools such as word choice, alliteration, structure, or rhyme, among many others you can craft a poem that is either direct or indirect. For example, if you want to convey a sense of love in your poem, you can either use the word love or a combination of words that represent love. The combinations are endless, because poetry has no limits and the rules are flexible.

These aspects along with others will be introduced to you (or you will have your knowledge refreshed) in order to help you create personal poetry.

Perhaps you have never written before, or you write all the time. No matter where you're at in your writing journey, I can help you to breathe and release your thoughts into words without hesitation or limitations.


Join me

December 10th - 6:30pm to 8pm at The Mermaid Loft in De Luz Temecula, CA.

$15 per person

- A journal + pen will be provided -

Everyone is welcome, this event is coed


Reserve your spot with this link: Intuitive Poetry Workshop

Secure your spot now & pay later


My Poetry Journey:

Poetry is something I have been passionate about since adolescence. I began writing poetry regularly when I was 11. It came about as I discovered my mother's small poetry notebook around the time I was assigned a poetry project in school.

My English teacher tasked us with writing a collection of poems following certain structures and I had recently found this notebook of poems written by my mom, the timing was perfect serendipity...

"The timing was perfect serendipity..."

I was shown that writing ran in my blood, my mother, grandfather, and a number of ancestors either wrote as a hobby or were published, authors. This revelation followed shortly thereafter with being educated on the traditional aspects of poetry combined to stoke my passion for writing.

By this point in school, I had already proven time and again that I was a wordsmith. I was able to write imaginative stories or informative essays for school assignments and I received positive remarks so I jumped at the opportunity to showcase my talent creatively. This coupled with the personal connection made the concept of poetry even more exciting. I received praise for my poetry within the project at school and this definitively proved to myself and others that I was able to express myself in this way.

"I had already proven time and again that I was a wordsmith..."

Up until that point, I did not necessarily have a creative outlet that was also supported openly by family and teachers, so poetry became an outlet for me. It satisfied my ego because of the positive feedback I received and it exercised my intuition because I was able to create - so I decided to continue writing.

As I grew older my poetry grew as well... I filled notebooks and sketchbooks with writing but I rarely shared my pieces besides in school. People close to me knew about my writing because I would occasionally talk about my ideas or they would come upon and read the countless notebooks I always left lying around waiting to be found.

"I could do anything I wanted to with these words."

Poetry gave me a mode to get my emotions and thoughts out onto paper. I realized early on that poetry does not need to follow rules and that was extremely freeing because I could do anything I wanted to with these words.

Fast forward several years - in April of 2018 I decided to debut my poetry on Instagram and I made a page to start sharing my creations. This was spurred on because I had just had my very first pieces selected to be published in a college compilation of artistic works. One of my poems was featured as the first poem in the collection, and it was again proved to me that poetry is something I am meant to be doing. And I felt within me that this poetry should be shared, I needed to be heard.

"And I felt within me that this poetry should be shared, I needed to be heard."

I am so passionate about what poetry has done for me and what it can do for everyone, both reading and writing it. I believe poetry is easily approachable and I hope to bring its benefits to more people, hence why I wanted to host a poetry workshop. I am going to show people that ANYONE can write poetry and that we each have a story within us that is desiring to be heard.

"I am going to show people that ANYONE can write poetry and that we each have a story within us that is desiring to be heard."

Come join me December 10th so that I can show you how to tap into the creative parts of yourself. Learn about your thoughts deeper and expand upon that which is deep within

your wise and creative soul.

Reserve your spot here: Intuitive Poetry


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