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What is The Sacred Pleasure Workshop?

Dive deeper into what pleasure, sensuality, and sexuality can offer your life on a daily basis! At this workshop you will connect with your soul sisters in a safe space as we discuss the nuances of sacred pleasure and how building your own pleasure practice is important to feeling good on a more regular basis. Find out more about what the Sacred Pleasure Workshop has to offer through yummy meditations, juicy conversation, and ecstatic connectivity as we take a more complete look into what pleasure can do for our lives.


Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to experience more pleasure on a daily basis.” Or have you asked yourself, “Where can I find more sensual joy and satisfaction in my life?

If either of these thoughts have crossed your mind, then perhaps the Sacred Pleasure Workshop can give you a little of what you need to make yourself feel good more regularly!

What is Sacred Pleasure?

Simply put, within the context of how it is used, I intend “sacred” to mean something respected, revered, or coveted. Meaning the pleasure you experience is to be respected, treated with love and looked at with compassion, understanding, and intention for what it is. Pleasure is a feeling of satisfaction or enjoyment, which means sacred pleasure is obtaining satisfaction and feeling good through methods involving love, respect, and pure compassionate intentions.

When I talk about “feeling good” I am talking about those moments when a small smile lights across your face, or you feel a slight tingle in your palms and cheeks, or it could be when you feel that weight lift from your chest even for a moment. Sounds divine, right?

That is why I want to bring this to more womxn who need to hear it: Pleasure is so important!

Whether we are entrepreneurs, stay at home mommas, students, in the work-force, or in-between, many of us can claim we lead busy lives. What we all must remember is being busy should not mean letting go of a self care practice. Pleasure has a large part in a self care practice, whether it's the way you feel after washing your face or after practicing with a yoni egg...

What is agreed upon is this: Experiencing pleasure is a form of self-love and self-care, pleasure is integral to boost the happy chemicals in our bodies, and pleasure just makes us feel GOOD. The Sacred Pleasure Workshop is all about how you can incorporate more pleasure into your daily life as I help you open up to the many different ways to experience pleasurable moments.

This Sacred Pleasure Workshop is truly so much fun to lead and experience!

In a safe space, we talk about sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, and so many other important feminine wellness topics as a way to kick start a conversation around feminine sexual health. I love the conversations which happen in this space as womxn learn together to experience what pleasure can do for their individual lives. Through conversation and interaction with activities, journal prompts, meditations and more these womxn begin to connect on a deeper level to themselves and others in their lives through pleasure.

At this workshop, womxn open up to share about several topics I find to be so important to discuss. As I work more in this space with other womxn and hear their journeys regarding the topics addressed, I understand my calling better. I know a facet of my purpose is to help womxn heal and cultivate an intentional mindset around sacred pleasure, sex, and feeling good. This workshop is a great avenue to take to help facilitate the shift I intend to spark in my community.

There are many different ways to enjoy pleasure!

Pleasure is a component of self-care, so give yourself some pleasure! Take a bath, sit in the sun, drink cool mint tea, maybe have an orgasm. In all of this, we must also understand as a collective that feeling good sensually or sexually doesn’t have to come from penetration, or a certain method of stimulation, or a particular flow of events, or from a partner. Pleasure, intimacy, and connection looks and feels different for everyone which is why respect absolutely has a place in sacred pleasure!

At this workshop, we look into the different ways as womxn we can enjoy and facilitate more pleasurable intimacy in our lives. Discussions may revolve around the idea that intimacy can involve pleasure without being sexual. One concept I like to review when discussing Sacred Pleasure is the idea that pleasurable touch can occur between two lovers without leading to penetrative intercourse. Involved in this is an aspect of physical intimacy which may lead to a deeper and more whole connection between two people while involving healthy boundaries.

The discussion of intimacy without sex in itself is important, and one thing which comes to my mind time and again is the application of boundaries. Boundaries are healthy and sexy to have with yourself and your partner. This discussion is one of many topics which might be covered at the Sacred Pleasure Workshop because I think growth happens when we open up our throat chakras to talk about sex, love, pleasure, and intimacy in a group setting.

The importance of opening a dialogue on something long suppressed is immeasurable.

It is time us as womxn stand firm to do more of and talk more openly about what makes us feel good, in all aspects, including sex. While there may be steamy conversations at this workshop it’s all done with safety, security, and respect in mind! I believe there is a lot of healing to be done around sex, pleasure, and being a womxn amongst all of it. The first step towards this healing is talking about feminine sexual health in a safe and loving space with other womxn. So don’t be shy about your pleasure, come together with us to explore your sacred feminine to understand how pleasure can best serve your life.

Feelings such as shame, guilt, or taboo do not have room within the concept of Sacred Pleasure. Instead, we discuss topics consensually, respectfully, and with the intention to be inclusive in order to remind womxn of the sacred divine feminine power which always resides within us all. The energy of this space is as a means to breed more compassion and understanding regarding topics not often discussed.

Join us for the next Sacred Pleasure Workshop and allow me to show you how you can incorporate more feel-good moments in everyday life. Through meditation, discussion, and community connection in a safe space I aim to show you how to experience pleasure in a new way!


I hope you join me at a workshop! I love to expand my community and my knowledge. Have questions about this or curious to know more about this topic? Send me a message or leave me a comment!

See my Workshops page on my website for more information about the next Sacred Pleasure Workshop. There you can sign up to get more information on what you can expect at the workshop.

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*All photos by the wonderful Tia with Merakii Photography, see her work on Instagram!


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