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Re-Introducing ME



Introducing myself and my viewpoint again might be useful seems as I just made some BIG changes. Two weeks ago (March 18th) was my last day of work in property management AND my last day in an apartment I called home for 5 years. I left for a retreat in Hawaii the day after moving and quitting... And that retreat led to a reawakening I did not think I would have...

Side note: The best way I can process the retreat is through writing, and I am working on a blog post right now (the link will be up soon).


Back to the point of this post:

I am Cierra Urso.

My purpose in life is to reawaken the healer within ANYONE that finds their way to my work. I am deeply connected to the Earth, and what she gifts me through this connection is an immense capacity for healing.

Currently, I am practicing as a Doula and Feminine Wellness Mentor. That said, my work is over-reaching to be inclusively applicable to both those who identify feminine and those who are feminine allies.

In other words: My work is for all gender expressions. I point this out because I believe it is important for ALL people to hear and understand this message of healing. The more the entire population is exposed to this message, the more compassion will spread to cultivate powerful transformations... More on that in another blog post!

"[...] I believe it is important for ALL people to hear and understand this message of healing."

To facilitate these lessons of healing I find myself as a student of life and of academics. Academically, I am currently studying to ultimately obtain my medical degree. My medical practice will be obstetrics and gynecology to focus on bringing holistic wellness to modern western medicine. The goal is to own and run a holistic healing and birthing center.

This vision has been with me for some time - since being a young girl I have dreamed of going into medicine to impart massive change on society. I have always had far-reaching dreams and I do not intend to stop embracing these visions. What I have done is hone my desires to focus on what is most important along my path.

Part of focusing my desires has involved a delve into metaphysical spirituality. While I do not identify with any one faith, I do believe in the ever present divine energy of the Universe. I believe in the planets' abilities to manipulate that energy and I believe in the moon affecting our emotional tides.

It might be important to mention astrologically I am a Libra Sun/Rising and Virgo Moon - so it is safe to say I like to have a balanced plan.

That also means I like creating things, so I write poetry, craft herbal tea blends, and express the artist within me using both my brain and my hands…

I am a creative at the center of it all.

Using resources creatively, thinking up new things, being an original artist with my brain, my hands, my body; these are all things which are important to me.

I use this creativity in an aim to stir change, a change in the way people think and see the world, a change towards greater autonomy, truth, respect, and LOVE.

There is so much to me that if I kept going it would make an extremely long post,

the gist of it is:


To understand the work I do, I ask that there is a basic understanding of who I am.

The intention through being ME is to help bring at least a portion of society to understand compassion, empathy, love, respect, and deep honesty are integral to living a fulfilled and meaningful life.


“Know thyself.”

THIS style of self-examination, when I write posts about who I am and what I believe in, gives me a chance to know myself. Knowing myself allows me the opportunity to be even more passionate about my purpose.

I ask that in reading this you both understand who I am AND take a moment to know yourself. Ask yourself some important questions:

What are my morals and values?

Where do my biases lie?

What stories am I telling myself about myself?


Now that I have asked some hard questions - I do want to take a moment to reveal some more “fun-facts” about who I am and what I enjoy:

1. I like video games! Nintendo games are my favorite to play to unwind my mind. Think: Zelda, Super Mario, SuperSmash, Pokemon, etc. I am currently working my way through the newest Legend of Zelda masterpiece, Breath of the Wild. It is a beautiful game which is challenging and rewarding.

2. I enjoy documentaries! Nature documentaries are at the top of the genre list. Planet Earth, Blue Planet, basically anything narrated by Sir David Attenborough. If I wasn’t studying biology to be a doctor I would be studying it to be a marine biologist - so I satisfy my curiosity with ocean documentaries.

3. I am a self-proclaimed cat lady! I have two kitty babies now and would like to have one more in the future. While I enjoy dogs, I do not see myself ever having one LOL I prefer the aloofness of cats.

4. I enjoy astrology and metaphysical curiosities! Crystals, oracle cards, natal birth chart readings — all the good things! I believe these things help me tap into my ever-important intuition. ☺️

There are so many things that make up who I am!

I will reveal them over time and I believe this post gives you all a solid idea of who I am and

what I am doing.

Ask me questions or answer the ones above if you feel called to! I want to open up a dialogue here on these posts as well ☺️

Thank you all for spending the time to read about me. I appreciate you so much.

Much love & light,

Cierra Urso


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