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~I am happy you are here~

you are in the right place


I am Cierra Urso.

This website is a compilation of all things that make up me. I am dedicated to service, community, love, support, and nature. My passion for my purpose lives at my core.


Above all, I am a student. I am a seeker of higher knowledge and I intend to share that knowledge to better the lives of those around me.

What am I doing currently to fulfill my need for this higher knowledge?

  • I am a full-time undergraduate student at my local community college, majoring in Biological Sciences with the plan to transfer to a University, and ultimately obtain my medical degree to practice as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist focusing on holistic feminine health.

  • I am studying with Birth Arts International to become a certified birth and postpartum doula. I want to start my own doula business in the Temecula area and partner with other doulas in my community to offer a network of support and a sense of connection to best serve soon-to-be parents. I am part of a doula community online right now hosted by my mentor, Kristen Rud. Find more about it here: Mama Mermaid Doula Community

  • On my own time, I read to expand my viewpoint on all things. Recently, I have been researching a lot about natural herbs, plants, and oils for healing, cell regeneration, and antiseptic purposes.

  • I dedicate time to a yoga and meditation practice. Through yoga and meditation, I am fulfilling my need to know more about myself. Being self-aware is important to me because I feel I can better share my knowledge if I am more comfortable with myself. Establishing this practice took the help of a wonderful mentor and a group called the Mermaid Movement based in Temecula. Find more about the online group here: Mermaid Movement


Why am I doing what I am doing?

  • It is my purpose. I have forever felt a strong pull toward medicine. More than being called to medicine, I have always known I was put on this Earth to help people, to offer my service to others, to heal others. Specifically, to heal women. And through healing women, I hope to heal all as I am a firm believer that when matriarchs are cared for, that care blossoms and grows throughout entire communities, in both the masculine and feminine.

  • I find joy in my service. It fills me with happiness to assist others in the purest way: from the inside. My service is to my community, to healing from within and bringing health to people through both nutrition and creativity.

  • It is an outlet for creation. I am creative! In creating I feel my purpose even more fully. I can adaptively solve problems using innovation through open-mindedness and self-acuity. This is one method of creation, solving problems in an out-of-the-box fashion which is also the best way for me to showcase my abilities.


I hope what I share helps those out there understand there is more to this Earth than what we see. Nature connects us in the deepest way, our energies are intertwined and they interact within us and without us to create the world we experience.


In my blogs, I intend to share information about all the things.

You can expect to find articles and my thoughts on topics such as:

  • Pre-conception

  • Natural birth control

  • Nutrition for both pregnant and not-pregnant people

  • Pregnancy

  • Breastfeeding

  • Post-partum care

  • Post-partum depression

  • Poetry

  • Short stories

  • Essential oils

  • Natural remedies

  • Herbal remedies

And so much more! What interests me will be displayed to you with the goal of educating you on whatever you want to search for...


Finally, I want to thank the people that got me here:

  • I am supported by a kind, loving, patient, and intelligent fiancee, Brian. His never-ending love has helped convince me of my worth. I am always grateful for the way he cares for and motivates me because that encouragement has been an integral aspect of my success in my journey thus far. His belief in me has proven time and again to be true as I make strides towards my future that involves him 100% of the way.

  • My Mom and Step-Dad have seen my passion and have stood behind me not only as moral support but financially as well. Without them, my journey as a doula would not have begun. I am forever grateful to them together for believing in me. Specifically, my Mom has been my cheerleader since day one. Her words of encouragement have pulled me through extremely trying times and have kept me moving forward. Her journey to healing has been a long one and I am happy to stand next to her as she continues to show me what a strong, motivated, and wise woman looks like as she is conquering life.

  • My Dad and Step-Mom are always excited for my next step and I am so thankful to have their loving energy lift me up as I continue on. My Nonni, my Dad's mother, has along with them, been a large part of my drive to success. Her support and enthusiasm for my endeavors continues to reaffirm why I am doing what I am doing.

  • I also have an amazing soul sister and best friend, Alex who has continually stood by my side unwaveringly for almost the last decade. Her friendship and encouragement has been so important as she has seen me in my truth at my worst and at my best, and has loved me through it all. Her strength and drive inspires me every day, and I am always and forever grateful for her warmth, love, and light.

And lastly, before you go, please know that I would not be here and sharing these things if it weren't for you reading this right now. From the bottom of my heart:

I appreciate you.

You are loved.

You are important.

Thank you for being you.



Much Love,

Cierra Urso


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