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How to handle breastfeeding complications like a wise-woman-goddess

Let's all breathe together now and admit, while breastfeeding is natural, and beautiful, and wonderful, it can also be miserable, and uncomfortable...

And down-right, the worst.

There is no way to educate on breastfeeding without mentioning the negatives associated with this natural bodily process. Thankfully, some of the most common complications can be solved through preparedness by means of education and action. By reading this, you are being proactive in searching remedies for known issues, which already puts you a step ahead of any problems.

(Be sure to keep that momentum.)

Before moving forward, there are some things we need to address. Most importantly, always remember:


There are, at the same time, billions of other people trying to be parents just like you. Not only are there billions of other parents, there are millions of people willing to give you a hand. Reach out for help

Put together here is a compilation of four breastfeeding complications and their responses/means of prevention.

Much Love,

Cierra Urso


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