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Chakras & Teas

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Chakras are spiritual energy centers in the body that are important to keep in balance because they affect the way our bodies function. So how can we help care for our chakras to maintain balance? I have one idea: Teas.


What are Chakras?

The ones we’re focusing on in this post are the main seven chakras that run up the midline of the body. The Chakras sit along the spine, beginning at the tailbone, they move up the spine to just above the top of the head. Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel, and each symbol for the separate chakras is circular. Chakras are spiritual and energetic centers in the body which rotate around themselves and closely align with the endocrine and lymph systems of the body.

The seven chakras each have their own unique position within the body. They also correspond with certain colors, the colors in a standard rainbow light spectrum. The root chakra sits at the base of the spine on the tailbone and is usually associated with the color red. The sacral chakra, normally represented with the color orange, is within the pelvic region. Above that is the solar plexus chakra at the bottom of the ribs, which is related to the color yellow. Further up the midline is the heart chakra, which is in the center of the chest and associated with the color green. Then, there is the throat chakra at the center of the neck represented by blue. Higher up, in the center of the forehead sits the third eye chakra which is associated with indigo. And just above the top of the head is the crown chakra which is either white or violet.

The seven main chakras are associated with corresponding hormonal organs in the endocrine system which run through the center of the body as well. When looking at a diagram of the chakras over the body it can be seen that they align with the hormonal glands of the endocrine system.

Chakra tea is a great thing to add into a chakra balance practice because the teas act on both the physical endocrine system and the chakra system, interacting in a way that benefits your physical and spiritual body. With the endocrine system and chakra system being so closely related, when one is out of balance it impacts the other.

Chakras are important to take care of, just as it is important to take care of our physical bodies. Chakras rotate around themselves within and just outside the body, they are shaped like cones which open outward with their point focusing on the body. These circular Chakra cones can either be large, open, and spinning, or small, closed, and in a slower rotation. This change in rotation has the potential to alter the activity of the physical system the chakra envelopes.

This works in the opposite way as well, when the physical organ is malfunctioning, either overactive or under-active, this can affect the energy and productivity of chakras in that area. It is only when both the physical and spiritual focal points are in balance with one another that we can function our best, feel our best, and be most at peace.

A balanced chakra is both open and rotating at the right frequency. Imagine the chakra similar to a camera lens, when twisted one way the lens is open to let in more light and when twisted the opposite direction it closes to let in less light. There is a certain point on a camera lens where there can be too much light if the lens is too open, and on the opposite spectrum there can be too little light when the lens is too closed, this imbalance can cause the subject of a frame to be out of focus. A balance of the perfect amount of opening is required to be correctly in focus which grants the ability to perform optimally, whether it’s taking a picture or thriving in daily life. The amount of light let into the lens of a camera or the amount of energy let into your chakras will change the focus on the subject in sight, and a perfect balance of openness must be achieved to get the best results.

Chakras can get out of balance much as our physical systems do. Out of balance chakras shows up in a very similar way to out of balance organ functions. Poor circulation, nausea, repetitive headaches or indigestion could represent both physical and spiritual adjustments that need to be made.

And just like our bodies, usually when one aspect is off-kilter this leads to a chain reaction which throws something else off kilter. When one chakra is blocked or closed this can potentially lead to other chakras either shutting down as well or acting in excess to make up for the imbalance. And just as we get sick when our organs do not function correctly, we also can become ill when our chakras are not balanced.

Starting at the base of the spine to the top of the head, the seven main chakras sit on the spine.

Thankfully, there are ways to bring imbalanced chakras back to the perfect amount of openness. Tea in addition to an intentional practice (and maybe even a doctor’s visit would do you well!) can help you bring things to where they should be, in line, balanced, and peaceful. Teas help in the way that they bring comfort to the body while providing nutritional nourishment necessary to keep the body functioning optimally. Chakra tea acts on both your physical and spiritual body to help you achieve balance.

I will post more information on specifically what kind of teas interact with which chakras and how to spot imbalances in later posts. For now, I leave you with the idea that teas can help nourish your chakras to be even more in balance.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever thought of tea as an option to help your chakras as well as your physical body? Let me know in the comments!

Love & Light,

Cierra Urso


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