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Can What I do as a Doula & Mentor Help You?


There is no denying the fact that I offer a lot for my clients. My ultimate goal is to help my clients achieve their goals. I do this by reminding those I work with of the power they have within themselves already. I help them embrace that power to get them onto a track of healing which is already within them.


photo by: Samantha Hopkins Photography
People have the power within them to access deep healing.

To help people achieve this, I am a fan of being clear and easy to understand. Simplicity and personability are important to me because these aspects allow the information to stick. This is a lot of what I do, I help people to see the simple lessons which are applicable to their daily lives in order to help those people get on the path towards total healing.

I wanted to give some insight as to who it is I am able to help lead back toward healing. I want to help bring women back to who they want to be. I want to help women see, understand, and become one with their higher selves. My purpose is to facilitate an accepting and loving environment between myself and my client as well as foster those same sentiments within my clients on their own.

If you are finding yourself here on my blog or my site over and over again, looking to glean some sort of message from my posts, then this one is definitely for you. Have you considered working with me one on one? How will you know if working with me will bring you anything in life? Curious as to whether you are ready to work with me?

Let's start answering those questions with some lists...

If you are feeling:

- Unsure in yourself or your path.

- Exhausted or lethargic all the time for no apparent reason.

- Confused about what you should be doing to promote growth in your life.

- Stagnant or stuck where you are currently at.

- Sad, depressed, angry.

- Emotionally numb or confused.

- Healing from trauma whether physical or emotional.

- Like you have everything you need but something is still missing.

- Like you should be happy and have so many reasons to be happy, but you still don't truly feel happy.

- Like you are out of sync with your natural bodily cycles, menstrual cycle, post-menstrual cycle, etc.

- Unprepared for what life is handing to you.

If you are currently:

- Working with a mental health therapist.

- Working with a nutritionist.

- Working with any method of medicine whether it be western, Chinese, Ayurvedic, etc.

- Pregnant.

- Just had a baby.

- Planning to get pregnant within the next two years.

- Have children.

- Don't have children.

- Are never planning to have children.

- Working in a job you love.

- Working in a job you hate.

- In a romantic relationship.

- Not in a romantic relationship....

Okay - I think you get the point! There are so many different people I am here to help. It is hard to list everything but the gist of it is:

If you find yourself here looking for healing, let's really find out how to achieve that healing!

The best way to START is by booking a complimentary introductory meeting with me. Let's sit down together either in person or virtually to talk about your needs, desires, goals, emotions, and more in order to truly understand what healing you need.

I am here to help YOU achieve the healing you see for yourself. I know the healer is within all of us, let me help you unlock where she is hiding.

Get in touch with me today to schedule a complimentary consultation with me.

Click HERE to contact me. You are here on this page for a reason, talk to me and let's find out what that is!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with all things ME!

I am currently accepting new clients - get in touch TODAY to see what I can do for you! CLICK HERE.

Much love & light,

Cierra Urso


Photos by: Samantha Hopkins Photography


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