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Herbal teas crafted in small batches; designed to nourish the body, mind, spirit, and soul. To celebrate each person's uniqueness, Cierra offers personalized tea blends for your specific needs. From morning to evening, Cierra creates delightful & deeply thought-out tea blends using organic, high-quality herbs to nourish your inner Divinity.


As a Birth Doula & Feminine Wellness Mentor, Cierra is available to support you throughout any stage of your life. Looking to connect more deeply with your body? Trying to heal yourself from an autoimmune disorder, uterine or ovarian challenges, or post-birth? Allow Cierra to guide you towards awakening your inner healer through mentor sessions, meditations, healing crystals, herbal recommendations, and more! 

Loving the Earth.

In all the work she does, Cierra offers thanks to Mama Earth for providing us with what we need to care for our bodies, minds, and souls. Much of what Cierra practices is deeply rooted in caring for & offering appreciation for what the Earth has to give. As a Green Goddess, Cierra hopes to infuse this love for the Earth into everything she does!

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Cierra Urso

I am passionate about many things, healing others and myself using what the Earth has gifted me is at the top of the list. From a young age, I was fascinated with healing those who needed help. At my core, I am an activist for those in need of support. By offering my talents as a healer, I can touch individual lives to create impact and encourage others to seek knowledge for themselves. This way, they may build their coping tools and skills in order to respond to the everyday challenges that come with living life...



Selena W.

Working with Cierra will make you feel abundant. Her TLC goes into everything she puts forth, in turn, providing you with a root to grow towards guiding you to the importance of self-care. Choose you by choosing Cierra.


Robin T. 

Cierra is such a beautiful human being. Her energy is magnetic and so inviting.  She is extremely knowledgeable about every topic that she teaches. She also makes delicious teas! I have received more than a handful of her customized tea blends and they have all been delightful and my body enjoys the natural effects of the spices and herbs that she intuitively blends. If you are seeking a mentor who is passionate about helping you, I highly suggest Cierra. She has made a significant impact in my life!


Nicole W.

[Cierra is] compassionate, knowledgeable, and very attentive to my needs as someone who will be a first time momma. I’m thankful to have her in my life and as my doula!



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